Everything You Need to Know About Pipeline Camera Inspection

When you know that there is something wrong in your sewerage pipes but cannot exactly find out what is the source of that problem, that is where a pipeline camera inspection comes in. All you have to do is call a plumbing company, the company will send a team of specialists to your place. They will install a camera in your pipelines to film a video which will identify the root cause of the problem.

If you want you can also inspect your pipelines yourself using your own camera, however, this can cost you a lot as these cameras can cost you more than 15,000 dollars, and even if you rent the camera it will still cost you a lot and you may not be able to find the source of your problem. On the other hand, if you call a plumbing company it will not be that expensive and the whole process will go smoothly and the block points will also be easily located.  The inspection cost is around 100 to 300 dollars. If you live in Adelaide then you can visit for any plumbing related problems.

The video inspection cameras can up to 330 feet, the camera will inspect every nook and corner for any signs of obstruction. The camera is pushed manually down the pipes which is why even if the camera is of high resolution you will be seeing a rough picture.

There is a transmitter placed on the camera, as soon as there is any sign of blockage the camera is stopped by the plumber and then with the help of a locating device which picks up the signals from the transmitter, the plumber will mark the spot where there is any blockage.