Do You Really Need a Bed That Big?

Having the bed debate? Allow us to partake! You may think that you want to save room and money by getting as small a bed as possible but we’re here to implore you to be a bit more generous with the kind of bed you end up buying. How do we know that you’re trying to save room and money – well, saving is what we like to do isn’t it? Your bedroom is your personal recharging chamber, it’s where you return at the end of every day so why get greedy here at all?

On this page, we’re going to walk you through some of the reasons why you should never compromise on the size of your bed and go for a rustic king size bed if your room’s dimensions allow you to. Here are some reasons to back up what we’re saying, give them a read.

You Have a Spouse

Look, nobody has to sleep on the couch or argue over bed kicking and all if there’s enough room on one bed. With a rustic king size bed, you and your beloved life partner can sleep in close proximity with enough room for both of you to have your moving space as well.

A Lot of Your Life is on The Bed

Did you know that human beings spend about a third of their life on their beds? Yes, we need sleep and that much of it, which is why it’s best if we don’t compromise on the space we allow ourselves to sleep in.

Don’t Hinder Your Growth

Even if you aren’t growing any taller, your spine decompresses every night you sleep and because of this, you need to allow your body enough room for that to happen at any sleeping angle.