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When it comes to versatile and low-maintenance solutions, artificial turf has you covered. Whether you’re seeking a vibrant, evergreen lawn that thrives in the Texas heat, a durable surface for sports and recreation, or an attractive landscape for your commercial property, artificial turf offers a convenient and attractive option. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant lawn care and maintenance, and say hello to a lush, green space that suits all your needs.


why do you need Artifical compared to natural turf

Artificial turf offers numerous advantages, including convenience, durability, and environmental benefits, making it a viable alternative to natural turf for various applications. When considering artificial grass installation in Dallas, TX Tailored Turf has you covered. The choice between artificial and natural turf ultimately depends on individual preferences, specific needs, and local conditions.

Artifical turf can make it easier to pickup and clean dog poop

Artificial turf provides a practical solution for pet owners, particularly when it comes to managing and cleaning up after their dogs. Unlike natural grass, which can become messy and challenging to clean, artificial turf offers a more convenient and sanitary option. The synthetic surface allows for easy and efficient removal of pet waste. Pet owners can simply scoop or pick up solid waste without worrying about damaging the grass or leaving unsightly brown spots. Moreover, artificial turf’s non-porous surface makes it resistant to absorbing odors and staining, which makes the cleaning process much more straightforward. Regular hosing or rinsing can effectively flush away any remaining residue, leaving a clean and odor-free surface for both pets and their owners to enjoy.

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