Are Mice Worth Upgrading?

Let’s get one think straight. No matter how much elitist gaming PC fan boys will tell you that you need a top of the line mouse to be able to game, you don’t really need one. However, having a gaming mouse can make one hell of a difference in your gaming performance. These mice are pretty costly as compared to the ordinary PC mouse which is why many people are a little iffy about buying them but the same kind of people also spend big bucks on every other component of their rigs.

In terms of functional differences, there aren’t any in most cases. Some gaming mice offer certain additional macro buttons that can be very convenient for some users but for others, they’re just extra bulk. When to comes to in game performance, however, these mice can make all the difference. The higher DPI values certainly makes it easier to aim and shoot in FPS games but in average tasks, you’ll barely notice the difference.

Another area in which gaming mice take the cake is comfort. Sitting in front of a gaming PC can certainly do a number on your back but your hands can get sore as well. There are different grip styles used by gamers, which is why it’s a good idea to find a mouse that has a grip that suits your hand. You can find more info about gaming mus.

To put it simply, the more expensive a gaming mouse is, the more bells and whistles come with it. However, you don’t really need a gaming mouse and if you can game with your mouse just fine, you might not need to upgrade at all, but if you do it’s definitely worth it.