Trademark Your Product Yourself: A Guide

Some IP firms are so amazing that they give out free consultancy and valuable advice that others charge hundreds of dollars for. That is because they do not want a huge chunk of bread, instead they look for small crumbs of bread and they enjoy it the most. This means that they look to help young companies and entrepreneurs instead of the big fish of the industry because they are driven by those who are self-motivated. Today they gave us advice and tips on how to trademark your company yourself.

The first thing you need to know when you’re trademarking your company name or product name is that you have to register it online at the US Patent and Trademark Dept.’s website. When you log onto the website, you need to firstly scan the data base to see if that name isn’t already there. If it is, then you may have to consider spending a few brainstorming sessions for think of a new name. If it isn’t then you’re good to go ahead.

You may get a reply within six months of filing the online petition from the department. If your name exists or is similar enough that people can’t differentiate between the two of them, then your case may be contested in court and you may then need those Incubate IP attorneys for further things.

The cost may vary about how much you may have to pay to trademark but generally it is expected to be between $350-$450. This sum includes only the fees of applying and getting accepted. If for some reason, your case gets contested, then you may have to pay more for your lawyer, red taping costs and costs of other proceeding. But you can hire Incubate IP attorneys who specialize in working for people with low budgets, people like young entrepreneurs and startups.