Should You Be Worried About Rodent Infestations?

There are more than a thousand different types of rodents around the planet, these highly adaptable creatures are capable of living in all kinds of environments, except for extremely cold places such as Antarctica. You might be wondering that why do people hate rodents so much? The answer to that question can be found in their nature; rodents are scavengers that live in dark places, have very bad standards of hygiene that effectively turns them into a hive of diseases, and they like to live off of others’ food.

Here there are people, there are bound to be rodents not far away since human civilisation provides them with everything that they possibly ask for; tons of food, nice and cosy places to burrow into, and plenty of waste to scrounge around in. The best way to make sure that your home is rodent free is to maintain hygiene standards and make sure that there are no easy access points in your home. The second point can be rather difficult to meet since rodents can easily squeeze through holes no larger than a dime, and once they squeeze into a place that they like (pretty much any man-made building with food in it) they settle down and start breeding there.

Rodents breed astonishingly fast, a single female rodent can produce approximately 30 more rodents every year, and they usually have very low mortality rates. This is why you should definitely be worried about rodent control, they can infest your home surprisingly fast and begin ruining your food and spread disease quite easily. To make sure that you stay free from rodents, you should get in touch with a pest management company such as Smithereen the moment you feel like you have experienced rodent activity in your home.