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No Space? Go Vertical!

We hear people complain about how they really want a nice garden in their homes but they don’t have any room all the time. Some folks are concerned about where they would sit or whether or not their limited gardening space would become too over crowded to properly monitor and maintain; all the while, we’re just here wondering why it hasn’t occurred to anyone to try vertical gardening instead.

Granted, you may not have as much room outdoors as you would’ve liked but that doesn’t necessarily doom all your dreams of having a nice garden to boast about to your friends. In fact, your walls have plenty of room for you to grow a garden and guess what? It will make for a better view from your windows as well! There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t try vertical gardening. Let’s say that you have space for a proper garden of everyone’s dreams, even then you could utilise your walls as a vertical garden.

At Garden Kneeler Club, you will find many ideas that will get you started on your own vertical garden, so do check them out if all this sounds nice to you but you don’t know what you should do. Here’s a thought, why not grow vegetables and herbs outside your kitchen in a vertical garden? You can mount planters on a stand and grow foods on them as well, they’ll look nice and you’ll always have fresh produce to eat as well.

You can also grow flowers and ferns or different colours in your vertical planter, just for better aesthetics. Since your planters are all stacks on top of each other, they’re easier to water as well and there will be less of a mess when they drip.