Is Zirconia Going to Take Over Titanium And Porcelain For Dental Implants?

Dental implants are lifesavers for people who have a tooth or few teeth missing because each tooth has its own function and when even one goes missing, the mouth does not function as it should which is why dental implants are so popular. Since a long time, titanium was the only material that ruled over the dental implant market but then it had to share its place with porcelain implant and now, both of them are stepping back to give the whole space to zirconia ceramic implants. There is no doubt that zirconia is the better material because of the many benefits it offer and its popularity is also because there were many negative side effects of titanium and porcelain dental implants. Since we are on the topic, let us see how zirconia implants are better than the other two materials and after reading the benefits, we are sure that you would never even consider getting titanium or porcelain implants.


Osseointegration is successful with zirconia implants as they completely integrate themselves to the gum tissue and jaw bone and their integration is as well as that of titanium’s which adds one point to the profile of zirconia implants.


Titanium in no way looks natural and porcelain becomes stained over time because it is porous but zirconia implant remains as it is and looks like a natural teeth which is what any patient could ever want.


Unlike porcelain implants, zirconia causes no abrasion to the opposing teeth when the bite occurs which is a huge step up as porcelain causes abrasion to the other teeth.


We would say that zirconia is better than anything as it does not deteriorate over time and remains as strong as ever.