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Is Internet Addiction as Bad as Drug Addiction?

We have all heard of kids that are stuck to their phones and we often refer to this as an addiction, but is it possible that internet addiction is the sort of thing that would end up becoming as serious as dependence on an actual chemical substance? A lot of research has been conducted into the matter and the discovery that has been made is that internet addiction is actually a very real thing, and it contributes a significant amount to the health concerns that young people are going through at the moment.

When you get addicted to a drug, one of the first things in your body that changes is neural pathways. Healthy pathways are released and new pathways form that are more conducive to the pleasure receptors in your brain. This change in your brain can result in a lot of cognitive impairment, and one of the most common results of this is that emotional imbalances become a great deal more common. When you consider the fact that the current generation is becoming so much more mentally ill than the last, such things start to make a lot more sense.

One thing to understand about internet addiction is that it is about a lot of different factors. It’s not just the act of going on the internet that’s addictive, it’s all of the other things involved as well. There are a lot of stimuli that you are going to experience while you are on the internet. You are going to feel the keyboard underneath you as you type, you will smell your computer, you will hear the various sounds that come from the websites you visit, you will also get a lot of visual stimulation of course. All of these things form an important part of your internet addiction overall. Hence, it is very possible that you are dreadfully addicted to the internet and just have no idea, and in a few years you are going to start noticing the negative health connotations of such a phenomenon.

There are a lot of questions you can ask yourself in order to ascertain whether or not you are actually addicted to the internet. For example, you can see how you feel if you avoid the internet for a little while. Do you feel uncomfortable or agitated? If so, chances are that you are addicted. Another thing that you can think about is whether or not you use the internet to hide from your problems. Kids that come from abusive homes often disappear into the internet for hours so that they are able to avoid the abuse that they have to face every single day. If you use the internet in this manner, addiction is inevitable.

It is quite clear that a lot of effort has to be put into researching ways to treat internet addiction. There is a big chance that it will become the biggest epidemic of our time.