How Advertisements Manipulate Innocent People?

Companies need advertisements to let people know about the new product in the market. The product is shown as attractive and stylish to motivate people to buy the products. This mechanism is fine as long as the advertisements aren’t for useless and expensive as hell products that are of no good. One of the industries in the US that always gets pointed out for doing this is the automotive industry. Most of the ads show the cars as stylish and sleek but omit the part where they were supposed to show how expensive they were and that you didn’t have to work extra round the clock just to get this one big car.

Almost all of the campaigns show their car as something that you need to have in your ownership in order to have style and personality. They show finely dressed up men driving around at full speed in huge expensive cars as having style and personality. And if you want be stylish and have a good personality, then you needed to have the huge car with the huge horsepower and ability to produce that loud noise that the engines of trucks make. Also making it look like these features will get you the girl. This, however, needs to be debated in even more detail!

The website 2dolphins.com also explains in detail how the SUVs advertisements manipulated people in multiple ways. They portrayed the SUV as a family car that is safer for kids. Moms, who are already safety conscious about their children, get coaxed into buying SUVs just because they believe that they provide more safety. The US automotive industry should reconsider how it’s portraying their expensive cars and changing the mindsets of the masses as most people are unaware of the aerodynamics.