Here’s Why You Need Suspenders As Well

Suspenders have been worn by men for more than a hundred years and guess what – they’re still in fashion today. Men’s fashion trends have seen a lot of changes over the past decade or so but if there’s one thing doesn’t change, it’s the good old classy wear. This includes three piece suits, tuxedos and of course, suspenders. Not a whole lot of people these days wear suspenders to formal events but this is precisely why you should.

Think about it, the last time you were at a formal gathering, nearly all the men there were in suits, dress shirts or tuxedos but just how many of them actually showed up wearing suspenders? We all grew up seeing our grandfathers wearing suspenders so we starting thinking that they’re for older people but that’s hardly the case; suspenders can help young men really carry themselves well and if you show up at a formal gathering wearing suspenders, then we can guarantee that you’ll steal all the attention (and all the women too).

You can check out all styles and colours of suspenders to go with your entire formal wardrobe at Trend Suspenders but whatever you do just don’t wear suspenders with belts, that’s basically a fashion suicide. It’s important to have your own unique style but that’s not the only reason why you should wear suspenders; they’re also going to help you improve your posture. Yes, suspenders remind you to stand straight at all times, which is good for your entire skeletal frame and the organs inside of it. You’ll also have a much bolder profile when you’re walking straight and take it from us, confidence can be very, very sexy and even more so when you’re well dressed.