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Easy to Follow Pointers on Maintenance of Concrete Floors

Even after you get concrete resurfacing done by a good company, you need to remember that the surface will suffer wear and tear and would start showing early signs of it but you can avoid it if you maintain it right. We have gathered some really easy but effective maintenance tips that you can follow without hassle to keep your concrete surfaces looking new.

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Cleaning Solutions

This is a very important point that no harsh cleaning solutions should be used on the surfaces as they would start wearing it down. It is absolutely necessary that you only use the cleaning solutions that are recommended by the company who did the concrete resurfacing.

Advice to Follow

After a professional company resurfaces a concrete floor, the team makes sure to provide maintenance tips so make sure you follow them religiously.


It is absolutely necessary to remember that you do not need to wash your surface every single day as it will erode the top coat faster, you just need to wash it down once or twice a week.

Concrete Sealer

In order to protect the surface, the best solution that is workable is to apply concrete sealer to the surface. You would need to reapply the sealer after every 2 to 3 years in order for it to serve its purpose.

Floor Wax

Floor wax is a great way to preserve a concrete floor as it is a top coat that suffers the wear and tear.