Difference Between Astronomy And Astrology

You might have heard of the terms astrology as well as astronomy, most people tend to confuse the one term with the other. However, the question is, does it really make a difference if you mix the two of them up? To answer your question, yes, it does matter if you mix the two terms up. If you are new to all of this, it is best that you read an overview of both the disciplines and make yourself aware of the basics. If you really want to learn about it, then read till the end of this article because we will try to create prominent distinctions between the two because it is important to learn the difference between things.

In order to understand the difference between astrology and astronomy, you have to look at the literal meanings of the word. According to what we have research, astrology is a part Greek word and in the Greek language Astro tends to literally translate into star, and astronomy means the science of laws of stars. Whereas, astrology means to study the stars. This why people often confuse them because the distinction between them is not as clear as people would like it to be, there are little, subtle differences as well. You can click here on different websites to find the meaning of astronomy and astrology.

The roots of astrology can also be traced back to the ancient civilizations of the world like Mayans and Babylonians, etc. Even more civilizations would be included in this because stars have been under the scrutiny of mankind ever since people start really looking at the skies and raising questions to be able to comprehend as to what they will mean. Although the zodiac signs were a creation of human beings to be able to categorize people and be able to find meaning in things that may be the cause of chaos in human mind.