How Safe is Your Data?

We are living in a modern day and age where pretty much everything is happening at a highly rapid pace that is particularly facilitated by technology. We all generate a lot of data, and the amazing thing is that there are companies out there that are earning billions of dollars a year from your data. The past year has not been kind to the users of the internet, as cyber attack after cyber attack has left us reeling and wondering if we should trust the companies that have our data after all.

You might be concerned at this point about whether or not your data is safe. Well, the fact of the matter is that one of the most important pieces of data that you need to safeguard is your location. These days it isn’t all that difficult to use a location finder to figure out where someone is. This can be dangerous for obvious reasons. Most obviously it can lead to situations where you could potentially end up having a stalker, not to mention the fact that it is just downright creepy that the data that contains your location can be accessed with such ease.

The fact of the matter is that our data is just not safe, so it is up to us to make sure that as little of it gets out as possible. You should turn your location off and always toggle permissions according to how you are using your device if you want to be able to make sure that you are getting the kind of safety you need. If an app asks for permission to access your data, make sure you rescind that permission once the task for which you needed to give permission has been completed.


Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Mac

As a tech enthusiast, one of the most important things to me is people taking care of their gadgets. This does not just apply to others, as the same duties do fall on me as well. We are careless individuals, and we often end up ignoring the maintenance part of powerful hardware, because we think that they do not require any maintenance whatsoever.

This is not true at all, because even if you own a $200 device, or a $2,000 device Macbook, or a Mac, you need to maintain it properly to make sure that everything is working properly, and within the order. You can actually go for Mackeeper, and before anyone asks is mackeeper a scam, I have to tell you that it is not.

With that out of the way, we are going to be focusing few reasons why you must maintain your Mac. This is important because many people completely overlook the factor.

You Want to Keep Your Data Safe

If you are working on some important projects that are stored in your Mac, and you want to make sure that all the data on your Mac is kept safe and without any issues. You should start paying attention to its maintenance. That way, you will not have to worry about losing your data.

You Want to Keep Everything Stable

If you want to make sure that your Mac, or any computer for that matters keeps running as stable as possible, then you should definitely start maintaining. You can either do it manually, or use a software like Mackeeper to achieve that, and I can assure you that you will be getting great results from both sides, and without any issues as well.


Things You Should Consider When Going For Pen Testing

For those who do not know, pen testing or penetration testing is an authorized attack on a computer or a website’s security system to find out any loopholes, or backdoors that can allow access to malicious apps, or hackers themselves. The purpose of this type of attack is to help the companies, and developers ensure that the final release of an app, a website, or a program does not have these issues, so the users are free from the worries.

This testing is a lot more common, and you can check out our penetration testing overview if you are looking to gain more insight over it. Right now, we are just going to be looking at a view things that you should consider when going for pen testing.

This will help you have a better understanding over the fundamentals.

The Tool You Are Going to Use

The first thing that you need to consider is that the tool you are going to use. For those who don’t know, there are a number of different tools that are used when it comes to pen testing. While most of them aim to provide the same result, there are minor differences.

The best thing you can do is to find out which tool is best for you, and then test it out.

Letting The Team Know

I know a lot of people who don’t let the team know about the pen testing just to see if the team is ready to deal with such challenges or not. I would still suggest you to consider this factor before carrying out the test. The reason why teams are kept out of this is because you want to see just how the react under stress. After all, an attempted hacking is nothing light.


Are You Providing Live Chat Support Properly?

You might not believe it but bad live chat support contributes to businesses losing their customers but many companies do not seem to realize this point. They feel that as long as they have provided customers with the option of live chat, they are good to go.

Live chat will only benefit a company if it is maintained right, or else it will cause frustration and distrust amongst your clients. We know that maintaining it is not an easy job but if you get Kayako’s live chat software, it will be. If you are clueless as to what kind of mistakes you can be making, let us give you a few examples. If you find any of them familiar, you need to rethink some decisions and make changes.

No Representative

The worst mistake that companies make with their live chat support is to leave it be i.e. unavailability of a representative providing the support. There is a reason why it is called live chat support so if companies cannot appoint a person manning the post at all times, they should not present this option. If there is no representative, it conveys to the customer that the company does not deliver on its promise, they have no sense of customer service and there is no value for customers in the eyes of the company.

Disarrayed Tickets

This is a common mistake that many companies do not seem to correct. When a customer tries to connect to a representative to solve a particular problem, he/she has to wait quite a bit and go through many people to be connected to the right person who has the expertise on the particular problem. This delay tells the client that the company is not efficient enough in many sectors.


Reasons You Need a Professional Web Hosting

When it comes to getting a website hosted, we normally have a lot of options, and the reason behind that is rather simple, the business has become a lot more common than you might think in the first place, and this has given a chance to a lot of people to a lot of people to come forward and launch their own business that hosts websites.

If you are looking for a good web hosting service, then you might want to go to because they are known for providing some of the best web hosting services around the world. Still, if you are not convinced, then don’t worry as there are a lot of other websites that you can actually hire and get the job done. So, in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons you need professional web hosting.

You Want The Smoothest Experience

One of the biggest reason why you need professional web hosting is because you are looking for the smoothest possible experience from web hosting, because there are situations in which you aim for something but you never get it. So, getting a professional is always the best idea because you will get top notch service.

You Want Your Website to Have The Maximum Uptime

Another important thing that you need to know about going for professional web hosting is because you are looking for maximum uptime. The thing with professional hosts is that if something does go wrong, they will be quick to sort out the issue, and will help you in making sure that your overall experience goes well. Just know about this whenever you are looking for a web hosting company that can help you.


Are Mice Worth Upgrading?

Let’s get one think straight. No matter how much elitist gaming PC fan boys will tell you that you need a top of the line mouse to be able to game, you don’t really need one. However, having a gaming mouse can make one hell of a difference in your gaming performance. These mice are pretty costly as compared to the ordinary PC mouse which is why many people are a little iffy about buying them but the same kind of people also spend big bucks on every other component of their rigs.

In terms of functional differences, there aren’t any in most cases. Some gaming mice offer certain additional macro buttons that can be very convenient for some users but for others, they’re just extra bulk. When to comes to in game performance, however, these mice can make all the difference. The higher DPI values certainly makes it easier to aim and shoot in FPS games but in average tasks, you’ll barely notice the difference.

Another area in which gaming mice take the cake is comfort. Sitting in front of a gaming PC can certainly do a number on your back but your hands can get sore as well. There are different grip styles used by gamers, which is why it’s a good idea to find a mouse that has a grip that suits your hand. You can find more info about gaming mus.

To put it simply, the more expensive a gaming mouse is, the more bells and whistles come with it. However, you don’t really need a gaming mouse and if you can game with your mouse just fine, you might not need to upgrade at all, but if you do it’s definitely worth it.


Getting It Again

When using the online web, using a secure connection helps to keep your information protected from prying eyes. Many regions come to block access to various sites as well and the use of VPN keeps internet censorship from ever being a problem where you are. You can continue to surf the internet as if you were in the actual location of the network itself. You may be accustomed to using certain resources online that have just always been available until you come to a region that for one reason or the other, has those resources blocked. VPN’s like are your internet bypass to this.

With the secure access that comes with being a part of a virtual private network, you can continue to rest assured that the information you send out online that may contain sensitive details such as your credit card information doesn’t get stolen. If you know how to set up your own VPN, the process isn’t too difficult and several operating systems support virtual private networks when they’re available. There are also general use and install applications that allow you to simple install the VPN on your web browser as a plug in or as actual software in your computer.

If you’re just looking for something to use when you’re on public WiFi, there are several basic VPN applications available online. Some of them are paid services which provide more guaranteed security than the free access ones that may also ask you to sign up before you can use them. There are pros and cons to both and ultimately what your needs are, will contribute to whether you just need something for the general use of it or you need to be sure that your data remains safe since you’re sending sensitive information.


What is ERP?

For those of you who do not know what an ERP is, it is a software that is used for business management and to manage any and all systems and processes that go in to the business.  An ERP software, or enterprise resource planning software, creates an organized shelf of all the applications a business uses and makes them all available and integrates them all for easy use for the employees. This can really help certain departments like the IT department, Human Resources, and services and administration department.

With easy access to all the necessary workable applications, the back office will easily be able to make sure everything runs smoothly and all the work that needs to be done is done quickly. Depending on what type of business you are, you can get a number of different applications put in. For example you could have the applications for strategic planning, idea development, business development, product planning, sales and marketing, and the manufacturing part all put in to one software.

You will be able to add all the various softwares and applications your office has purchased in to one of these enterprise resource planning softwares. The various applications that you are used to, can be fit in to this software as one of the options of the overall application management. You will also be able to purchase new softwares for your company and have them added to the ERP system as well. The point of this system is to be able to make it easier to use the various applications at once or back to back without having to go through multiple processes to achieve what you want to. With an ERP system put in, your company will be able to streamline their work; you can go to to learn more.