Top Biggest Fashion Trends of 2018

Looking back at the past decade we can clearly see that we can never predict about the time period a particular fashion trend is going to last as some can even die within a month. Having foresightedness is very essential for people who admire glamor and fashion, as it helps them appreciate new ideas that have never been introduced before. Getting hints from venues such as the red carpet can allow us to have an idea what most people are going to wear this year and this dressing sense also has huge impact on other aspects of an individual life such as diet and education.

Living in this era has taught us that we can never underestimate the importance of social media in our lives and this is the reason most designers are developing their products according to this modern method. Companies that are dominating in the market are seen to have released items such as crocs or over-sized sneakers that could be seen in the latest music videos. If you are looking for the best bohemian dress shops in Australia, then make sure to check out the website of The Good Guide now.

In this smartphone age if the brands don’t take inspirations from younger generation they would slowly become obsolete. Many celebrities have also started wearing T-shirts and shoes that have prints of the latest memes found on communication platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. In order to make sure that your glam is on point during the winter season of this year, you can also add puffer jacket to your wardrobe. This trend has mostly been adopted by rap artists as it gives more of a street-wear look. Make sure to purchase these items in order to add a glamorous look to your appearance.


Here’s Why You Need Suspenders As Well

Suspenders have been worn by men for more than a hundred years and guess what – they’re still in fashion today. Men’s fashion trends have seen a lot of changes over the past decade or so but if there’s one thing doesn’t change, it’s the good old classy wear. This includes three piece suits, tuxedos and of course, suspenders. Not a whole lot of people these days wear suspenders to formal events but this is precisely why you should.

Think about it, the last time you were at a formal gathering, nearly all the men there were in suits, dress shirts or tuxedos but just how many of them actually showed up wearing suspenders? We all grew up seeing our grandfathers wearing suspenders so we starting thinking that they’re for older people but that’s hardly the case; suspenders can help young men really carry themselves well and if you show up at a formal gathering wearing suspenders, then we can guarantee that you’ll steal all the attention (and all the women too).

You can check out all styles and colours of suspenders to go with your entire formal wardrobe at Trend Suspenders but whatever you do just don’t wear suspenders with belts, that’s basically a fashion suicide. It’s important to have your own unique style but that’s not the only reason why you should wear suspenders; they’re also going to help you improve your posture. Yes, suspenders remind you to stand straight at all times, which is good for your entire skeletal frame and the organs inside of it. You’ll also have a much bolder profile when you’re walking straight and take it from us, confidence can be very, very sexy and even more so when you’re well dressed.


Breaking Into Those Steel Toes

If you work at hazardous areas like factories or even construction sites, you’re going to need all the protection that you can get. You’re probably provided workplace safety equipment as a standard operating procedure but if you really want to be extra safe (which you should be), it’s a good idea to buy steel toe boots. You’ll want to buy a pair that are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and at the same time durable enough to keep your feet protected.

The only trouble with steel toed boots is that they can take a while to break into. This would explain why no one wants to throw out their old pair of work boots. Before they’re broken into, even the best steel toe boots can blister your feet and cause discomfort when work for long periods of time. This is why it’s a good idea to speed up the breaking in process; here are some ways to stretch steel toe boots.

Wear Them Often

Before you can start wearing them for long hours to work, you might find it useful to wear them for just an hour or two a day. This way, your boots will adjust to your feet and your feet will adjust to your boots much, much faster. You can do this for a week or more till you’re feeling more comfortable in them.

Wear Thick Socks

Since you want to stretch your boot out, you should wear thicker socks so they get stretched and become roomier for your feet. These socks will also make it easier for you to deal with the steel cap.

Use a Mechanical Stretcher

If you want to speed up the process and wear your boots already, you might find it useful to use a mechanical shoe stretcher to widen and lengthen your boots as needed. There are special kinds of shoe stretchers for steel toed boots that you might want to watch out for.


The Mini Minimizer Bra

When purchasing a bra we want something that is comfortable. Your breast are very sensitive and they can hurt easily so you want them to be comfy on a daily basis so that you do not attract any problems. Now you might think that the best bras out there are the push-ups bras or the balcony bras but actually that’s not really the case. The best bra that will suit you should not only be distinguished by the size of bra you wear. Another thing that greatly impacts it is the kind of clothing you wear on a daily basis.

If your style is t shirts then push-up and balcony will do you just fine. T Shirt bras are not for women who usually go for the simple look of shirt and jeans but people who like blouses or polos are the ones that struggle to find a suitable bra for themselves. If you mostly wear polos then you would know that most bras make the gaps between buttons more open hence making your cleavage quite literally pop out. That is a problem a lot of girls feel uncomfortable with and struggle with the bras that they wear because of this very reason.

Now if your style stays amongst polo shirt and button down shirts then why not consider a minimizer bra. You can easily find the best minimizer bra online. Having them in your wardrobe could really help with the buttons that constantly try to expose you. They are also beautifully designed and look great. So if you want a stylish and beautiful bra for your sense of style then consider buying a minimizer bra today and never worry about your shirt buttons again