Career Coaching – What They Don’t Tell You in School

If you’re done with your education and still haven’t landed a job yet, then you can feel pretty low about it. You’ve just spent so much time, effort and your parent’s savings on your college education so not finding a job can be a very dismaying experience. Each job you don’t get called for cuts your confidence deeper, making it harder for you to apply for jobs. We’ve seen some of the brightest students get depressed over this.

If the above was relatable to read, then maybe the problem isn’t with you after all. Have you considered that maybe the problem lies in the fact that no one told you how to look for a job. We still don’t get why colleges and universities don’t focus on teaching their students to build their CVs and presenting themselves when it’s time to apply for a job. This is why so many of the brightest students out there are also struggling to find work.

Let’s make one thing very clear; the jobs are indeed out there. Don’t let anyone tell you that there isn’t a demand for someone in your field. If you’re determined and skilled, there isn’t absolutely no way no one would hire you to work for them. This isn’t a pep talk, this is your call to seek professional career counseling and figure out what you’re doing wrong and how you can improve your approach towards finding work.

You need to sit down with a career counselor from careers by design Edmonton. Bring your CV with you and pay attention, maybe the reason you weren’t getting hired was so simple that you find it funny later. With help from careers by design Edmonton, you can land the job you want without having to settle for anything less.