Are You Providing Live Chat Support Properly?

You might not believe it but bad live chat support contributes to businesses losing their customers but many companies do not seem to realize this point. They feel that as long as they have provided customers with the option of live chat, they are good to go.

Live chat will only benefit a company if it is maintained right, or else it will cause frustration and distrust amongst your clients. We know that maintaining it is not an easy job but if you get Kayako’s live chat software, it will be. If you are clueless as to what kind of mistakes you can be making, let us give you a few examples. If you find any of them familiar, you need to rethink some decisions and make changes.

No Representative

The worst mistake that companies make with their live chat support is to leave it be i.e. unavailability of a representative providing the support. There is a reason why it is called live chat support so if companies cannot appoint a person manning the post at all times, they should not present this option. If there is no representative, it conveys to the customer that the company does not deliver on its promise, they have no sense of customer service and there is no value for customers in the eyes of the company.

Disarrayed Tickets

This is a common mistake that many companies do not seem to correct. When a customer tries to connect to a representative to solve a particular problem, he/she has to wait quite a bit and go through many people to be connected to the right person who has the expertise on the particular problem. This delay tells the client that the company is not efficient enough in many sectors.