Welcome to Safe Streets

Safe Streets is committed to the right of every child in America to grow up drug free. We believe that the movement to attempt to legalize marijuana use by some states in violation of federal law is irresponsible and puts America's youth at risk. Safe Streets invites everyone in America to join us in our Commitment to Drug Free Youth and to sign the Safe Streets Petition to the President and Attorney General to Enforce Federal Drug Laws.

For over two decades Safe Streets has been promoting laws to make America's homes, neighborhoods and schools safer places to live, work and play. The laws we helped pass in the 1990s are still at work today to make sure convicted violent criminals serve their full sentences so that they cannot create more victims. The lower crime rates we enjoy today are due, in large part, to policies Safe Streets continues to promote with the Safe Streets Pledge.

We hope you will join us today in our commitment to keep America safe for generations to come.